Yasmin + Farhan – Ismaili Wedding – ARCA Banquet Facility and Delta Edmonton South

Duane and I had such a blast photographing Yasmin + Farhan’s multi-day Ismaili wedding! Their bridal party of 15 accompanied these two throughout the week and they were super awesome to hang out with.

The Mandvo and Pithi ceremonies were held at the Nisku Inn the day before the wedding. It was a beautiful affair, that ended with Farhan getting covered in much more than turmeric!

On the wedding day, the Nikah wedding ceremony was held at Arca Banquet Facility. After some fantastic formals, everyone changed into western attire and we headed out for more wedding party photos! The gorgeously decorated reception was held at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Edmonton South Conference Centre in the Grand Ballroom. Indian weddings are THE most fun!

HMUA for pre-wedding events: Sheba Levoir
HMUA for wedding day: Sunita Sumara of Sen Studios

Elaine Green | Photographer

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