Nursing School

Many are surprised that I am studying to become a registered nurse. The program at the University of Alberta is a BScN After Degree which condenses the four year program into two (stacked) years. I’m writing finals right now and have 1.5 years left 🙂

It’s my 3rd degree, after Commerce and Music, and I’m really excited to be studying it. Actually, I had planned to go into nursing school back in 2004, if you look back at my University of Alberta application records. I felt that nursing was one of the noblest professions and nurses helped and cared for patients in such an effective way that I felt compelled to become a nurse. However, every time I applied for nursing, my abusive/controlling ex-husband didn’t allow me to pursue my dream of studying to be a nurse. He set many unreasonable rules, if any rules were broken, wifi would be confiscated, clothes shredded, I was kicked out of the house, culminating to the point of physical abuse. Add to that he was a serial cheater without remorse. Almost a decade of this, I left with just a suitcase. I left the old life behind.

Now fast forward a few years, I start anew. I am happily remarried, have a beautiful 18 month old toddler, love my work as a photographer and piano instructor, but now I am able to pursue this long term goal in freedom – hence why I am here at age 35 in nursing school. I am very open about my past and I don’t mind it being shared, because mental/physical abuse is a common problem but not widely spoken about which I believe should be vocalized in order to help others. Victims should not have to suffer in silence. It might take some time before a victim leaves their abuser, and they will need all the help they can get. I’m relieved I had a good support network when I left, which helped me so much and I hope I can be of help and service to others, especially when I am out in the healthcare workforce.


People ask, are you leaving photography and piano? No, I am not. I love what I do and I will continue to photograph clients and teach students. It’s a busy life, but I feel very alive and exuberant studying nursing assessment and pathophysiology! During this winter I’ll be doing clinical rotations in the hospital. I’ll have to update on how that’s going!

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