Catherine + Peter – Engagement Session – Downtown Edmonton

One of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met! It was super easy to photograph these two, poses kept drumming up in my mind as it was like being on the same wavelength where everything just clicked! Also, I was super inspired by their love and the moody weather was a big plus.

We started the engagement session with lots of trees and walking paths. While gorgeous, we had to battle so many mosquitoes!  We then hurried over to downtown for some architectural awesomeness!

I really cannot wait for their upcoming wedding soon at the Winspear Centre and the Art Gallery of Alberta!webcathpete-20160621-193658-032124000265-0003webcathpete-20160621-205027-032124000265-0084webcathpete-20160621-194600-032124000265-0017webcathpete-20160621-202526-032124000265-0045webcathpete-20160621-203602-032124000265-0059webcathpete-20160621-193731-032124000265-0006webcathpete-20160621-194152-032124000265-0011webcathpete-20160621-202200-032124000265-0042webcathpete-20160621-202843-032124000265-0046webcathpete-20160621-203421-032124000265-0056webcathpete-20160621-204846-032124000265-0078webcathpete-20160621-204426-032124000265-0072webcathpete-20160621-204101-032124000265-0065

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