My Requested Last Meal

I’ve always been fascinated what people choose when asked what would they have as their last meal.

Here are a few last meals requested by death row inmates before their executions:

– 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream
– Steak, fried chicken, cherry kool-aid, pecan pie
– Lobster tail, fried shrimp, fried potatoes, loaf of garlic bread, a&w root beer
– Chicken Parmesan with Alfredo pasta, ice cream, 2 milkshakes, and a 12-pack of grape soda
– Twelve chocolate bars and some ice cream
– Cheez Doodles, Coca-Cola

Interesting, but not fantastical by any means. If it were my last meal, I would go ALL OUT.

I’ve thought about what my last meal would be, in great detail. Here goes:


– Malaysian chicken curry with potatoes (spicy)
– Grilled cheddar cheese sandwich with bacon, scallions & sour cream
– Chicken and lamb satay with peanut sauce
– Brownies
– Roti Canai
– Assorted fresh sushi
– Banana split of strawberry, coconut and chocolate ice cream and cherries on top
– Chewy chocolate chip cookies

And I would exceedingly enjoy my last meal. Marvelously.

Cheers, Elaine


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